Effective collaboration means the difference between scalability and stagnation for blockchain companies.

That's why helping blockchain founders build effective communities, coalitions, & networks that support their growth is our passion.

Coalitions Consulting helps ambitious blockchain entrepreneurs with...

Community Collaboration - Helping teams optimize how they engage the communities that matter to them via social media, in-person and digital events, and educational program development.

B2B Collaboration - Designing mutual-value partnerships and multi-business ventures with intentionality; from marketing partnerships to blockchain consortia.

Communications - Helping you write and design communications materials that resonate with your company, clients, and partners.

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Meet KPL: Our in-house Stakeholder Strategist

Coalitions Consulting is run by Kirsten Pomales Langenbrunner, who leverages her background in tech and public policy coalition building to help blockchain teams understand, connect with, and build relationships with the stakeholders that matter most to their success.

Kirsten’s team helps early and mid-stage startups in blockchain and crypto build the future alongside engaged communities.

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Stakeholder Engagement Resource Center

Tricks & Traps in DLT Stakeholder Engagement

What’s the best way to unite stakeholders around your enterprise blockchain project? Partner with other companies to launch a consortium, then jointly fund and develop a distributed ledger technology (DLT)? Is it better to...


A Lecture on Stakeholder Engagement for Enterprise DLT

A lecture given at Saintgits College of Engineering in October, 2020...



How to Build Scalable DLTs with Human-Centric Blockchain Design

All too often, I see founders in the blockchain space making the same mistake; a lack of human-centric design. I’m talking about...


Who Needs a Seat at Your Enterprise DLT’s Table?

Here’s the situation: You’re building a blockchain-based solution that will revolutionize the way your industry does business. A few early partners have committed to help...


Partnerships Matter for Blockchain Startups

Blockchain software startups can learn a lot about growth-hacking by observing startups in other industries......


Pre-Governance for Enterprise Blockchain Builders

IEEE P2145 Working Group on Blockchain Governance presents alongside Kerala Blockchain Academy...


On Aligning Stakeholder Incentives in Blockchain Systems

Co-authored with Thomas Cox. One of the brightest minds in the tokenomics space, Dr. Cathy Barerra of the Prysm Group, delivered a remarkable lecture at the 2019 MIT Cryptoeconomic Summit on aligning stakeholder incentives when building blockchain systems. This article highlights our...


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