Audit Internal Need, Profile Best-Fit Partners, Approach & Build Rapport, Define Scope & Compose Contract, Fulfillment, Follow Through, Follow-up

Partnerships are an essential part of any go-to-market strategy.

Coalitions Consulting helps you build the strategic alliances that your project needs to scale.

Who we are:

We are founders and startuppers who have experienced impacts of strategic partnerships on our projects firsthand. We've worked on two-sided marketplaces | MOOCs | B2B software products | nonprofit networks | gambling DAPPs | SaaS products | fin-tech products | consumer goods | chambers of commerce | industry lobbying initiatives | events networks | media startups | big data tech | a lot of other things

What we do:

Coalitions Consulting provides tech teams with a portfolio of strategic partnership services that help you determine how and where partnerships fit into your go-to-market strategy and how to engage in high-ROI partnerships. Our clients have executed partnerships ranging from co-marketing deals and event sponsorships to full-scale product integrations.

Audit Internal Need, Profile Best-Fit Partners, Approach & Build Rapport, Define Scope & Compose Contract, Fulfillment, Follow Through, Follow-up

Approach Your Best-Fit Partners The Right Way

Partnership Strategy

We help you contextualize the value of intentional, strategic partnerships within the context of your work, define measurable impact through improved intentionality, integrate a partnership strategy into your go-to-market strategy and design a tailored work path to reach your growth goals.

Quantitative Impact Analysis

We work with leadership to define measurable, dollar amount impacts that new or improved existing partnerships can have for the team.

Roadmap Development

We provide leadership with a holistic Partnerships Roadmap that outlines actionable steps to improve strategic planning, partner targeting and vetting, preliminary relationship development, contract development, long-term rapport building, and more.

Partnership Development

Our team works directly with your staff to execute your partnerships strategy.

Scouting & Vetting
  • Seeking out and compiling a lead list of prospective partners.
  • Narrowing the lead list based on best fit; conducting an extensive background, market, financial, and need analysis (external).
  • Developing approach strategies for best-fit partnership leads.
  • Assisting with initial outreach, and conducting subsequent internal market, financial, and need analysis.
Initial Rapport Building
  • Coordinating the initial relationship development activities necessary for trust-building between partners. Activities can include conversation coordination, the development of small initial collaborations (a joint webinar, a joint lead-gen activity, etc.), assistance with clear communication strategies, assistance with goal and vision alignment, among others.
Partnership Negotiation & Contract Development
  • Curating proposals that are aligned with prospective partners areas of need. Negotiating mutually beneficial partnership agreements. Ensuring actionability of negotiated terms, and quantitative outcome and goal specification.
  • Connecting clients with the appropriate legal council for their entity type and partnership goals. Ensuring contracts cover proper protections of partner’s IP, staff, brand image, severability, and other key security areas.
Project Management
  • Coordinating staff and stakeholder efforts to make sure the execution of partnership agreements are progressing as outlined in their contract.
Relationship Maintenance
  • Making sure that relationships with partners don’t end after a first joint-collaboration.
  • Ensuring partners are getting what they expect out of relationships, ensuring they are happy with the results of collaborations, and tweaking contracts to improve results of future collaborations.
  • Driving continual conversation to explore new opportunities to for partnership on efforts outside of the scope of the initial partnership.

A-La-Carte Partnership Services

For teams with a mature vision for their strategic partnerships strategy, we offer a-la-carte partnership services to expand your staff's bandwith. A-la-carte services are negotiated on an individual basis.

Partnership Development
  • We can provide any of our Partnership Development services a-la-carte in coordination with a sufficient existing organizational partnership development strategy.
Business Development
  • Coalitions Consulting leverages our partnership development strategies to help our clients connect with best-fit business prospects and users, build strong relationships, and grow their client base.
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